HysteriX is the next upcoming EDM duo. They established in 2018. They originally planned to do collaborations as 2 different entities, but instead formed as one. HysteriX consists of 2 talented DJ's who have experience in a variety of instruments. Known for their iconic masks with the colors Blue and Purple, they are easily differentiated from other artists alike. 

Masked in purple is Andrew Lee. Andrew was born in Manhattan, New York on June 24th, 1999. At the age of seven, He moved to Aurora, Colorado where he was raised. He found his passion in music. His extended background in music says it all. Andrew first started in 5th grade playing the alto saxophone in his elementary band. He progressed his skills as he earned top seats and awards for outstanding musicianship in middle school. As he moved to high school, he switched to playing the tenor saxophone where he excelled even more in his musicianship. He joined the jazz group and his high schools most advanced band, the wind ensemble. There he entered competitions with his groups and earned first chair. While in high school, he found his love in producing. Andrew pursued his career in music production and is currently working on his degrees in Audio Production and Recording Arts.

Masked in Blue is John Alcala. John was born in Denver, Colorado on August 15, 1995. John always had a love for music since he was a child. He also has a musical background. He played trumpet in middle school, earning first chair. However, he did not continue to pursue the trumpet in high school. High school was very tough for John. He went through depression and anxiety, but fortunately, overcame this battle though music. He found his passion in producing music in this time. After high school, he took a break from his education to solely focus on bettering himself. He has since returned to school and is studying Music Production and Recording Arts. Music has heavily impacted his life and shares the same dream as Andrew, wishing that he could positively impact others through music.